About Us


I am Rohit, the founder of InvestorAid which is an independent Australia wide licensed buyer’s agency. I am a property portfolio strategist who takes pride in helping families around Australia build wealth through property.


Passionate in helping people build wealth through property with the right strategy in the right market to buy the right asset at the right price. I use extensive research and data driven approach to help my clients secure the property matching their long term goals.

9 Properties
$8 Million Portfolio Value
5 Years Investment Tenure

A bit more about my background :-

Immigrated to Australia in 2017 with young family and no job. Having a background in IT and data engineering, I secured a job in a month’s time and life started with a negative bank balance with loan from cousin to buy a car.

Having deep interest in real estate, I started learning about it. I was fortunate to get into IT contracting in Feb 2018 which helped me buy my principal place of residence in May 2019. The timing was great and the asset selected which is in a great location, grew very well. Being single earner, I had to pause until Jan 2021 and that’s when I bought my first investment property before maxing out again. I had to wait another six months where my wife’s recent casual job helped me secure my second, third and fourth investment properties till November 2021 which were all positive cashflow. Using specific structures and a unique lending strategy, I was able to secure three more investment properties from March to June 2022 with rental yields of over 7%. 

During 2021, while I was busy building my portfolio, family and friend looking at my passion for real estate and doing well started seeking advice. I helped a few of my friends in securing properties interstate using my strategies in the right market using relationships I built, replicating similar success. 

My passion in helping people was the reason why InvestorAid was born where core objective is to continue to serve and build wealth for families busy in their life, securing their future to retire early.


Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to help time poor people build wealth through property investing without compromising on their lifestyle and securing their future to retire early. 

Our purpose is to support and help people take informed decision to grow their property portfolio using right strategy, tools and overall market outlook. 

Our objective is to buy a great asset in a location with long term sustainable growth fundamentals at the best possible price for our clients.